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Welcome to MyNoachide, where families unite in a vibrant B’nei Noach community!

At MyNoachide, we celebrate both children and families in the enriching journey of the Noachide lifestyle, guided by the wisdom of Hashem’s Torah. Our offerings, including engaging monthly Zoom sessions, are designed to be family-centric, providing a dynamic space for learning, growth, and fun for all ages.

Our commitment is to foster an environment where children can thrive and parents can find support and insight. In our community, every family member contributes to and benefits from the shared exploration of faith and knowledge.

Join us at MyNoachide for a fulfilling family experience, where we nurture the Noachide tradition together, creating lasting memories and strong bonds in faith.

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Starting at $18 per month, you’re not just joining a group – you’re becoming part of a vibrant, supportive family dedicated to exploring the Noachide way of life.

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  • Child-Focused Monthly Zoom Calls: Our calls are tailored to captivate, educate, and inspire your children, fostering a deeper understanding of Hashem’s Torah in a fun, interactive, and age-appropriate way.
  • Family Group Chat: Connect with other Noachide families from across the country! Share experiences, insights, and form lasting bonds in our lively group chat.
  • Special Events and Resources: Gain access to special events and educational resources, enriching your learning and spiritual growth in exciting and meaningful ways.

Embrace this opportunity to be a part of a community that’s as passionate about learning and growing in faith as you are. Your journey with us at MyNoachide is just a click away. Sign up now and start exploring the richness of the Noachide tradition with families just like yours!

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Join us today to be a part of HISTORY, and change the FUTURE for Noachide families around the globe.