Learn To Read Hebrew - Beginner's Guide

א, ב, ג (Aleph, Bet, Gimel)
ד, ה, ו (Dalet, Hey, Vav)
ז, ח, ט, י (Zayin, Chet, Tet, Yod)
כ, ל, מ (Khaf, Lamed, Mem)
נ, ס, ע (Nun, Samech, Eyin)
פ, צ, ק (Pei, Tzade, Qof)
ר, ש, ת (Resh, Shin, Tav)

א – Aleph

The first letter in the Hebrew Aleph Bet is א. The interesting thing about this letter is that it is most often silent. This means that when you see this letter, it will usually have a vowel marking associated with it. That being said, when it is at the beginning of a word, or it does not have a clear vowel, it can take on the sound AH.


As in the word “ALL”

When you see א with a marking below it, it will change the way you say the character. Take a look at the א below. Play the sound to hear how to pronounce it.


This makes an EE sound as in FEET.


This makes an EH sound as in FETCH.


This makes an AH sound as in FALL.

In the following lessons you will learn more of the vowel sounds and other pronunciation rules that will apply to the א. We will review at the end of each lesson and continue to build upon these rules.

Now, let’s test your skills! Watch the video below and see if you can pronounce the sounds shown on the screen.