Meet The Rabbis

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Rabbi Chaim Richman is a globally recognized figure renowned for his expertise in the spiritual dimensions of Torah and his dedication to the teachings of the Holy Temple. With over 10 million views on his online Torah teachings and features in prestigious media outlets like the New York Times Magazine, FOX News, and CNN, Rabbi Richman has become a leading authority in his field. For the past three decades, he has played a pivotal role in preparations for the construction of the Holy Temple, establishing the International Department of the Temple Institute and contributing significantly to the readiness for Temple service. Through his extensive collection of over 1500 video teachings and a weekly radio show called ‘Temple Talk,’ Rabbi Richman has reached a broad audience, both Jewish and non-Jewish, fostering a deeper understanding of Jewish spirituality and personal growth.

Today, Rabbi Richman heads Jerusalem Lights, a nonprofit organization dedicated to disseminating the teachings of God from Jerusalem to the world. Known for his compassionate and personal approach to Torah instruction, he transcends traditional boundaries, welcoming all spiritual seekers with love and empathy. His teachings resonate with thousands globally, as evidenced by his numerous published works on Torah wisdom and the profound impact he has had on his students and those who seek his guidance. Whether speaking to Jewish or non-Jewish audiences, Rabbi Richman’s universal message of spiritual growth and development continues to inspire and uplift countless individuals seeking a deeper connection to authentic Jewish paths of understanding.

Rabbi Chaim Richman serves as a vital figure at MyNoachide, where his profound understanding of Torah enriches discussions on life’s questions. As a world-renowned authority on the Holy Temple, Rabbi Richman’s teachings resonate deeply with audiences worldwide, fostering spiritual growth and personal development among both Jewish and non-Jewish seekers. His compassionate approach and universal message make him a cherished mentor to many, guiding individuals on their journey towards a deeper connection with the Divine.

Rabbi Ari Dembitzer’s journey with Beth Israel began in 2001 when he was invited to serve as the High Holiday Chazzan. Quickly embraced by the congregation, Rabbi Ari’s frequent returns to Omaha solidified his connection, earning him the endearing nickname “Home-aha” for considering the city his second home. Over the years, his involvement deepened, transitioning from Chazzan to Rabbi. After leading High Holiday services in 2014, he was encouraged to apply for the open rabbinic position at Beth Israel, ultimately becoming the Senior Rabbi in March 2015.

Originally from New York, Rabbi Ari has lived in Israel for several years, residing in Jerusalem and Kfar Adumin in the Judean Desert. He holds a master’s degree in public administration from New York University’s Wagner School of Public Affairs and received rabbinic ordination from Mesivta Tefret Jerusalem, under the guidance of Rabbi David Feinstein. Rabbi Ari’s dedication extends beyond his pastoral duties; since 1997, he has been involved with Camp Simcha, a camp for children with cancer and chronic illnesses. Alongside his wife, Laura, Rabbi Ari is a proud parent to four children, embodying a commitment to both his spiritual and communal responsibilities.

Rabbi Ari Dembitzer plays an indispensable role at MyNoachide, offering valuable insights into Torah’s wisdom and its relevance to life’s inquiries. From his roots as a beloved Chazzan to his current position as Senior Rabbi at Beth Israel, Rabbi Ari’s dedication to spiritual leadership and communal service shines through. His experiences, both in New York and Israel, coupled with his involvement with Camp Simcha, reflect a profound commitment to nurturing individuals’ spiritual and emotional well-being. Through his teachings and guidance, Rabbi Ari empowers others to explore the depths of Torah and discover meaningful answers to life’s questions.